Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Garde Manger Work...

August 2016, represented the "official" start to my preparation of the CMC Exam...  Its a goal I have been working toward for the last 20 years...

August; first, second and third was a training session designed to develop the skills needed to successfully execute the exam, we started with GM, also known as Buffet Platter.

For the session candidates were asked to

Monday Day  1
Start Time: 2:30 PM End Time: 5:00 PM Duration: 2.5 H
Competency: Buffet Candidate will travel with prepared food.  At the site, candidate will. Slice, Glaze.  Items will be critiqued by the Jury
Candidates will bring the following:
1 Prepared shellfish item (+) 1 Accompaniment Appropriate Consommé to glaze each
1 Prepared pork/foie gras Item (+) 1 Accompaniment 1 light style sauce (lean)
1 Prepared poultry item (+) 1 Accompaniment 1 Rich style (heavy)
1 Prepared fin fish piece (+) 1 Accompaniment
*Each Piece should be in a different style; Force meat, mousseline, solid piece or head cheese
*Candidates will have 2.5 hours to slice and glaze 12 portions of each of their pieces,  with sauce and accompanyment for taste and critique.  Each Piece needs to be in a different style from the others.  

Poached Halibut Loin,
chive and leek mousseline

Saffron & Mussel Mousse
potato salad, pickled red onion

Lemon Yogurt

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